Beaxy Review 2019: Guide to This Exchange, Is it Safe? All Pros & Cons

Although Beaxy generates the signals, the Trender has an option to filter by timeframe, favorite assets only, and signal strength. Once you download Hummingbot and create an account, you’ll have to connect your Beaxy exchange account through the API and then set the strategies and parameters you want to use to begin your automated trading. Although the Beaxy exchange itself doesn’t technically have a trading bot, it has linked up with Hummingbot, which allows users to incorporate its open-source trading bot into the platform via an API. The trading fees for Beaxy are also relatively low, with a maker fee of 0.1425% and a taker fee of 0.2375%. Second, click “withdraw crypto” or “withdraw fiat” in the left menu depending on your preferred withdrawal currency.

Many Different Order Types

  1. If you are looking for new technology to improve your results you will be pleased to hear that Beaxy offers to trade with Hummingbot.
  2. The exchange uses two-factor authentication (2FA) and is compatible with both Google and Authy Authenticators.
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It is registered in the Caribbean Islands with the main goal of bridging cryptocurrency trade and legacy finance. To help realize this cause, Beaxy had enlisted the aid of software developers to render the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange technology. True enough, the company offers only the most advanced platform to conduct trades with alongside other financially-related transactions. What set Beaxy apart from other cryptocurrency exchange are its unique and highly-secured financial services.

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Better Crypto Trading

This online crypto trading platform has the main office at this address, E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Illinois 60604. Beaxy will match your first deposit with a $500 cryptocurrency welcome deposit bonus. This means that when you make the first deposit you will double your capital immediately and all of it is yours to trade with. This is one of the most generous crypto deposit bonuses I’ve seen and it’s a good way for traders to get to know the platform.

Those people who are submitting a National ID or driving license, will have to take a picture of both sides of the document. Also, users based in the USA must use a valid driver’s license or state ID. They cannot use a passport for verification due to state-specific laws. Before uploading the document, you will need to select the country your document was issued in. Truthfully, integrating the Hummingbot will probably be too inconvenient or complicated for most to endure, but it’s a great option for serious algo traders nonetheless.

After generating an address, you’ll see the standard QR code and alphanumeric string. Either of these two features can be used to transfer funds from an existing wallet. However, your funds will only be deposited to the wallet set as default, and you can then transfer freely between your internal wallets. It’s also important to note that Beaxy will have an exclusive partnership with OneTick, its flagship software, a comprehensive suite for time-series data management, real-time event processing, and analytics. This means that no other crypto exchange will have access to this technology.

The last feature of Beaxy’s platform worth mentioning is its signal service that uses pre-built technical analysis to offer actionable trading signals with an acclaimed 63% win rate. While this isn’t quite as appealing as many of the other crypto exchanges offering 0.1% maker and taker fees, it is certainly well above average and a very competitive rate. Yes, this exchange allows US citizens to buy, sell, and trade both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Beaxy utilises a simple to use and intuitive UI, which is customizable and includes scrolling ticker settings for speed, visibility, and favorite pairs. There are both day and night modes available, making the trading panel easy on the eyes and presenting information and execution panels in a clean and easy-to-read manner. TradingView provides the price charts that are located in the center of the interface and provides a full range of technical indicators and various charting color options. With all that said, Beaxy does indeed follow top security practices, and offers security features that really bring the user peace of mind because they know that their assets are safe. To deposit funds on Beaxy, click on the “My wallets” tab at the top right of the screen, and select your preferred currency.

It incorporates a range of attractive features with more expected to be added over the coming months and years. Security measures are one of the most important factors you should be looking at when choosing an exchange. The Beaxy team place security at the forefront of their priorities and the security protocols within the exchange are extremely effective and leave your account protected in many ways. The exchange uses two-factor authentication (2FA) and is compatible with both Google and Authy Authenticators. The platform aims to provide traders with a comprehensive service that appeals to both newer traders and more experienced participants.

The user is at liberty to fund his or her account with whatever coin he or she prefers. The Beaxy client would be required to go through the KYC Protocol which can be accessed through the account’s User Tab. The client would be asked to provide his or her country of origin and a picture from his or her ID to accomplish the initial step. Hamazaspyan also allegedly misappropriated at least $900,000 for personal use, including gambling, the SEC said.

Beaxy also incorporates its native BXY token, allowing users to participate in staking to receive a 50% discount on trading fees. BXY token itself is an ERC 20 token and gives users of the platform many other benefits, such as loyalty rewards and coin staking. Beaxy is a Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can easily buy, sell, store, and trade a wide range of crypto assets and fiat currencies.

Crypto traders would find further information regarding the other coins in the system’s circulation through Beaxy’s official website. One thing that the review team had noticed is the system’s processing of Bitcoin transaction compared with other coins. It was noticed that BTCs are processed faster compared to the likes of Ethereum. The review team supposes that that this is owed to the fact that BTC has greater volatility, greater demand, and, of course, a more notable reputation.

While the review team had found to be a good feature, the matters stands that the KYC Protocol only protects the Beaxy platform, not the client’s data. It would be commendable for the firm to mirror this kind of protective measure to its beaxy review clientele’s data and digital assets as it had done quite impressively with its internal system. In the past few months, a number of crypto firms have been hit with civil lawsuits, as U.S. regulators crack down on the budding industry.

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